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Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Helpful sites, blogs, and tools...

I'm not the best blogger and I don't have the best advice, so I thought I would do a quick list of the sources I use to keep myself on top of my game.  In no particular order:

The Passive Voice:  Great industry-wide article site that will keep you informed of all of the breaking developments in the publishing world.  Every Indie author should check it out daily.

Tv Tropes:  A fantastic website for studying the intricacies and 'tropes' of creative media.  Put your favourite book, film, or TV show into the search box and have a giggle while it lists all of the conventions, cliches, and narrative devices used by other authors, directors, and videogame makers in the creation of their art.  It's interesting but also very useful.  For an example, check out the word 'horror' to be met with a list of all of the tricks and tools of the trade used in the genre.  It's a great way to see what's been done before, what works, and what counts as a cliche.

Brian Keene's Keenedom:  Brian is one of the better bloggers in the publishing world.  From time to time he will post useful stuff so it's worth checking out his blog every now and then.

Newbie's guide to Publishing:  I've already shouted from the rooftops about JA Konrath's blog.  If you haven't checked it out already, do so now.

Audiobook Creation Exchange:  ACX is now open to UK as well as US authors.  Get your books done in audio and placed up for sales via Amazon, iTunes, and Audible.  Royalty shares with narrators means no upfront costs!

Calibre: Turn your manuscript into any of the most common ebook formats with this free app; including Kindle, epub, and pdf.  Is also useful for checking out your ebooks for formatting issues.

Hugh Howey:  One of indie publishing's biggest success stories pays it forward with regular advice on his website.

A New Kind of Book:  Good site for formatting tips and creative use of new technologies.

ebookbooster:  For those struggling to get in with Bookbub, this low cost alternative can also be effective; especially with freebie promotions.

Humble Nations:  While I would advise using original artwork created by a hired professional, this website offers a decent low-cost alternative.

SRB Productions:  A world-class artist that charges far less than he could do.  If you are a genre author wanting to take their book covers to the next level or create a brand for themselves, look up Stephen and tell him I sent you.

Comixology:  Comixology is now an Amazon company with an Indie setup already in place.  If you are an artist or can work out a royalty split with one, then this is a potentially new revenue source for your work.

Russell Blake:  Another author who loves to share his vast knowledge on his blog.

MemeBase:  Just for fun, be hip with the current Internet trends by checking this website every minute, of ever hour, of every day.
Anyway, I hope some of these sources are helpful to you.  I try to share what I know, when I can, but the truth is that most of what I know, I got from the guys above.  They are the masters and it is them you should follow.  Have a great week folks. :-)

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