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Thursday, 29 May 2014

Deklan Falls, P.I.

My good friend and fellow author, Bryan W. Alaspa, is now taking pre-orders for his next book.  Here's a brief summary below:

Deklan Falls, private investigator and former cop, is sober for the first time in a long time. These days he’s a millionaire, but also still works for the D.A.’s office in the Ohio city of Oldtowne. He works to try and clean up the police force while also hoping to stop the coming gang war that threatens to destroy the city. It’s a tough life, but he likes it that way.

Now, a billionaire industrialist is bringing the process known as fracking to Oldtowne with the promise of jobs and prosperity. Not everyone is happy about that, and the earthquakes Oldtowne has been having seem to indicate they might have reason to not be happy. Threats have been made and the D.A. wants Deklan Falls to figure out who’s threatening and why.
Then someone ends up dead. Deklan soon finds that, as per usual, nothing is clear cut in Oldtowne. Oldtowne is far more dangerous than even he imagined, and the people running it are more dangerous than the gangsters he’s been worried about.
It’s a battle for the soul of Oldtowne as Deklan battles his own demons. - See more at:

Order yourself a copy here:

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