Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Work and Fatherhood

Hi everybody.

I've been away from the office for a few months now and will be due to return soon.  Being a father has been a tiring, emotional, yet ultimately rewarding experience and I can't wait for what every day brings.

Despite loving every minute I have spent with my wife and son, Jack, it is almost time for me to get writing again.  As much as writing is my job, it is also my therapy.  I am an emotional, somewhat anxious person, and writing allows me to get a handle on my emotions, and function much better than if I were to bottle things up.  I am also yearning to return to the community that has given me so much love and support.  My personal life is tumultuous to say the least; there are outside factors that damage the  happiness of my wife and I, yet the truth is that when I am with my fans and colleagues, chatting online and working together, I feel invincible.  I live a great portion of my life in doubt, worrying about past errors and fearing wrong decisions in my future, as is the case with people with low self-esteem guilt and self-flagellation issues, but when I am working and writing I truly feel free and happy, and all of the pains in my life are meaningless.  Despite that, it has been a sad 18 months for me as I have witnessed how selfish and nasty people can be in pursuit of their own egos and desires.  I try every day to be a good man, and I hope I succeed, but I am realising that not everyone cares so much about whether or not they are hurting other people.  Worse still, I have realised that being around negative influences can make me negative as well, and that is not who I want to be.  Positivity is the only thing I am going to allow into my son and wife's lives.

One of the outcomes of being a writer I did not expect to find is being so loved and valued by people who have never met me.  It truly is remarkable.  You all make my life such a positive and fun place to be and I am eternally grateful for your love.  The fact that I have 2500 fans and colleagues, with more and more each day, is staggering to me.  I never ever thought I was that interesting.

Going forward, I will be writing a short horror novel based on a haunted photo frame.  I will also be writing another book in the Sarah Stone series, although I am sorry to report that the first book has been a relative flop compared to my horror books.  I obviously need to be build a thriller fan base independently of my horror one.  My main project coming up will be a multiple character horror trilogy/series called The Gates.  Think World War Z crossed with Game of Thrones by way of War of the Worlds. One day I also may get around to a fantasy series called A Kingdom Cracked, but we will see.  What I am learning gradually is that Horror is my home and I should not stray too far.

In the new year, I will also be focusing on graphic novels and foreign editions, but those will be side projects.  My writing comes first.  I am currently in the process of working with an editor to get all of my backlist into the best shape possible.  I have come along a lot as a writer in the last 3 years and I feel my earlier works are not as professional as my current ones.  I also need to to retcon some story lines I won't be following up with, such as New Dynasty and the Black Strand (most of your wouldn't have even caught the references).  I will be starting a new connected universe that will be much more detailed than my previous Damien-Verse and hopefully it will make you never miss the old one.

Anyway, I will be back to work full-time in a month or so and look forward to connecting with you all again. As always I will endeavour to help and support other writers as you all help and support me.  I also look forward to sharing my son's life with you all.  I trust you enough that you all feel like aunts and uncles to my little Jack and he is very lucky to have so many well-wishers.

Love to you all.


Saturday, 19 July 2014

First Sarah Stone novel finally here...

A book I have been talking about for ages, a book that I have worked harder on than any before, a book that I hope is my best work yet, is finally here.  SOFT TARGET, the first book of the Sarah Stone series is now available to purchase.  Summary and links below.

When a quaint village in the United Kingdom is struck by a suicide bomber, the once proud nation is brought to its knees with grief. Yet that first attack was just the beginning of something much greater and much worse. Something that nobody could ever have predicted.

The days that follow will determine if the UK even has a future left, or if it will be reduced to anarchy and ashes.

The only person that stands between the people of the UK and its complete destruction is an angry, damaged ex-solider named Sarah Stone. Sarah despises her own country and what it did to her, which is what makes it so hard when she is forced to save it.

SOFT TARGET is the first in a series of books featuring acerbic protagonist Sarah Stone. It is a non-stop action thriller in the same vein as 24.


Saturday, 12 July 2014

Good old fashioned suspense...by Tracy Sharp

As I'm about to take my first plunge into the straight-up thriller genre with my first Sarah Stone novel, available soon, I thought I would shine a spotlight on the latest entry in the fantastic Leah Ryan series, by Tracy Sharp.  Like my Sarah Stone, Leah Ryan is a no nonsense action girl fighting to show that a woman can kick ass as well as any man.

Private Investigator Leah Ryan is on a much needed vacation. A week in Bass Bay, Maine. Nothing but sun, sand and relaxation. No missing people. No murder. No stress.

But an hour into her vacation, Leah almost swims into a dead girl. Shark bites on the victim indicate a horrific shark attack, but closer inspection of the remains suggest that sharks aren't the only predators in Bass Bay.

As the bodies of more young women wash up on the beach, Leah is about to find out that murder doesn't take a vacation.

Red Surf is the 4th in the Leah Ryan thriller series, and mixes humor with edge-of-your-seat, nail-biting suspense.

Some disturbing scenes. Not for the faint of heart!

Grab your copy here!