Saturday, 28 February 2015

The Lightning Weaver by Bryan W. Alaspa...

Available March 3rd by Bryan W. Alaspa, THE LIGHTNING WEAVER. Preorder now!

Katie Albright is a normal teenage girl, except for one thing: she can manipulate electricity. All Katie wants is to have a boyfriend, go to school, and have a normal life. What she’s just found out, however, is that she’s part of an ancient race of people called Elementals and that she’s one of the most powerful Elementals in the world. Her mother has been hiding secrets from her and now that the mysterious Christopher Farraday has arrived, he has a story going back centuries. A story about conflict and fear and a terrifying man known by the nickname of Mr. Apples.

Katie has to go on the run with this mysterious man. She has to learn how to control her abilities. She has to learn fast because Mr. Apples is coming for her. She has to learn because war is coming and it’s a war that could destroy all of humanity.

Book one in the four-part Elementals Series: The Lightning Weaver is a thrilling adventure about power and who should wield it.

From the author of Young Adult stories, Sapphire, and, The Myth of White Butterflies, comes the latest hair-raising adventure that will keep you on the edge of your seat!

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Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Typos and Grammar Gremlins

Hi everyone:

While I might not speak for all authors on this, if you spot a spelling error, typo, etc, in one of my books, then feel free to tell me. In fact, I welcome it. Some readers of mine have stated in the past that they did not want to offend me by pointing out errors, but I just want to state that that is poppycock. It takes effort to inform me of typos, I know, so I in no way expect it, but I also know that some people enjoy spotting keyboard farts, and it is to those people I now speak.

In my early days, I could not afford nor risk large sums of money on editing services, so I paid hobbyist editors who were either looking for experience or enjoyed helping authors out for a bit of pocket money. These people helped my books reach an 'okay' state.  My more recent books like Soft Target and the Picture Frame have been edited by professionals (I'm talking editors who charge over a thousand dollars per book). I have no problem paying full price for an editor, as I want my books to be as close to perfect as I can make them.

However, even using a top-class editor, typos and odd errors still make it into the final draft. When my editor sends me changes, I retool and rewrite things, and in doing so, I often leave more typos in the final draft that gets published. It is really frustrating, and getting rid of every tiny error sometimes feels like an impossible task. So, if you are reading one of my books and spot an error, feel free to tell me (if you want to). I will be very grateful and will make the correction immediately. As an Indie writer, I do not have the luxury of an eighteen-month production schedule per book that includes a dozen editing passes. I just have you guys. :-)

So snipe away, if you feel so inclined. I won't take it personally.

FYI: It can be a pain to point out errors on a Kindle reading device, but you can let me know about typos by quoting the erroneous word along with the the word before and after it. For example:

"The cate sat on the mat."

Just send me: "The cate sat" and I will be able to search and find the error in my manuscript.

Cheers, gangsters.

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

A Bad Review finally got to me...

Many will have heard me speak fondly of bad reviews in the past. I have learned a great deal from them regarding my flaws and weaknesses. I have improved my work in certain areas as a direct result of comments made in negative reviews. There are, however, two types of bad reviews. There are those which seek to back up their assertions with evidence (constructive criticism) and there are those which are the vitriolic ramblings of an angry, spiteful person. Today I read a review from the latter and felt inclined to break my usual rule of not responding to reviews. Below is the review I received on Amazon, followed by my reply. I hope it teaches the lesson that a bad review should make no assumptions. It should stick only to the facts and relate only to the book itself. Just because someone has read one of my books, does not mean they know a single thing about me. I write characters with views of their own. If one of my protagonists collects stamps, that does not mean that I do. The truth is that I would never make my own views entirely obvious through my work, because then I am not creating fiction, I am writing propaganda.

First of all, I LOVED Origin, the first book in this mini-series, however, I literally could NOT finish past the 44% part of the story. Why? Let me list the issues which ruined this story line. First of all, it was mainly written by Mr. Wright, not Mr. Konrath (J.A. mentions it in his prelude) and almost immediately, we are confronted (that's what it seemed to me, an in your face confrontation with Wright's political values) with a jarring discussion about Andy gladly letting Sun whip him by taking on her surname along with his. If Mr. Wright believes in the furthering of male feminization, then more power to him; i didn't buy the follow up story to have some British twit shove his political/societal views on me; i bought this follow up to continue reading a GREAT STORY about the aftermath of little bubs and what they were up to. Secondly, what the heck? What was the idea behind the British lout, Jerry and the two men in black showing up minutes later and allowing them to keep Jerry if they promise to keep a watch on him. Really? Terrible; simple terrible. The one scene in the book where I had to say 'enough is enough' was when Lucas stated that he was both Jesus and the Devil. So now not only is WRIGHT lecturing us instead of entertaining us, but he's also insulting those of us of faith by...well you get the idea. Very insulting experience and if i had read other Konrath books, i would immediately put him in my DO NOT BUY list. However, his stories, and ONLY his stories are great entertainment. Lessons to be learned; firstly, NEVER BUY ANYTHING FROM MR. WRIGHT. Secondly, never buy anything that's a collaboration with J.A. Konrath that INCLUDES WRIGHT. Thirdly, only buy stories with Konrath as the only author. The one collaborative work that was successful was draculas. Hopefully I can someday reclaim the time i wasted with this garbage.

Hi Robert. Just FYI - the 2 points you are most irate about - namely Andy taking his wife's surname and Lucas being both Jesus and the Devil - were Joe's ideas, not mine (not that I had any problem with them). Considering your comments, that is quite ironic, no? In hindsight, it makes your comments seem rather rash and judgemental, and entirely incorrect. If you would like to see my original story (and then judge my entire personalty and belief structures based on a short work of fiction), then it is included at the back of the book as an added extra. This was alluded to in the foreword (by Joe) and would have allowed you to check your assumptions (which you would then have seen as incorrect). In my original draft, Sun takes Andy's name in the traditional way and Lucas does not mention 'Jesus' at any point. Those changes were made by Joe (which I, again, totally endorse). You can blame me for whatever you want regarding the original draft of the book (which comes after the first version in the ebook copy) as Joe had no involvement with it other than offering me a short brief. The version you read was actually a very even 50/50 split between Joe and myself, and he changed a great deal, as he had creative control over his universe (I was writing a book using his copyrighted characters after all). I do not usually comment on reviews, as I am grateful to any reader, whether they enjoyed the book or not. I do however feel that this review was unfair and bordering on xenophobia. I am no 'British Twit' and my love for America is equal to my love for my own country. I would never seek to lecture anybody on either shore. I would ask you to bear in mind that authors are people, too, and when they read rash and spiteful reviews (NEVER BUY ANYTHING FROM MR WRIGHT. Seriously?) it is hurtful. Not only that, but when you urge people not to purchase my books, then you are trying to damage my potential to feed my wife and son. You seem so intent on traditional family roles (My wife took my surname by the way, you'll be glad to hear), so please allow me to earn a living and support my family. I'm sorry you did not enjoy the book, truly, but please try not to be so unkind. We all have to live in this world together! All the best, Iain Rob Wright