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Monday, 7 October 2013


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An area I am currently looking to exploit is audiobook versions of my work.  The problem I have is that most options, other than signing up with an audiobook publisher and forfeiting most of your rights, is to pay up front for the audiobook production and then hope that the ensuing sales yield a profit.  From my preliminary research, I am getting the impression that audiobooks are a viable revenue stream for 'Indie authors' or authors wishing to maximise their royalty share by funding their own audio book production.

While ACX seems an intriguing prospect for US authors, it is not currently available to UK writers.  The best alternative that I have found so far is  I had a sample produced by this outfit, along with a reasonable quote for services.  If you are looking at opening up your books to a bigger audience, and you don't mind footing the bill yourself, I think that getting these guys to produce an audio book for you is likely to pay divends within less than a year (and then will make profits forever for as long as you leave the audiobook for sale.)

Writing has become very much like a business and I believe that audiobooks are a worthwhile investment in the same way as paying a decent editor and getting a proper artist to do you covers.  It costs up front, but will more than pay for itself in the end.

I will keep you updated on what I do with my own books going forward, but for anyone trying to find the best route to getting audiobooks produced, I can personally vouch that these guys will do a decent job at a decent price, so keep them in your minds at the very least.


Chris said...

I have to disagree I have listened to some of their sample and it is shockingly amateurish, and I say that as someone who has been working with audio for a living for more than ten years. Looks like a scam to me.

Tonia Brown said...

Dynamic Ram Audio is both professional and cost effective. I have one book with them and plan on contracting more. Hell, I would have them do all of my work if I could. No scam here. Just amazing talent!

Iain Rob Wright said...

Well, I can only base it on my experience of them, Chris. The only reason I was in contact with them was because another author recommended them to me, so it would seem that your disappointment in them is not universal.

Anonymous said...

Dynamic Ram are about to publish the audiobook of my first novel in the next week or so, and they have been nothing but absolutely professional.

They even scrapped the first reading and did it again because they thought that they could do it better. All at their own expense, I might add.

There is no scam here. I recommended them to Iain because I was impressed with their work ethic and cost effectiveness.

Chris said...

Okay I take back the scam part, but anyone who has any experience listening to audio can hear it isn't very good. In my book there is something wrong if you are going to take someone's money then deliver something that sounds like a third rate podcast, recorded in a bedroom on one of those underpowered USB things that masquerade as microphones.
But I am clearly in the wrong, so please ignore me

Chris Barnes said...

Enough time has passed now, I can address some of these comments

Chris, I agree that our earlier work lacks polish, however our newer material is all produced in a studio with professional equipment.

As to 'taking peoples money' we have never, at any time taken money from anyone until they were entirely satisifed with the product. In fact, most of the work was never charged an upfront fee.

So before you go screaming 'SCAM!' Check your facts. You were, on this occasion, incorrect in your assessment of our business model and ethics.

Chris Barnes
Dynamic Ram Audio Productions

Wayne Farrell said...

As a professional audiobook narrator, I would have no issues with recommending Chris or any of the team at Dynamic Ram Audio.

Chris is very active within the industry and well-respected by everyone involved.

Iain: I think I might have contacted you recently to commend you on a stellar passage from one of your productions on ACX and hope that things will work out well between you and Dynamic Ram.

Best regards

Wayne Farrell