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Thursday, 26 September 2013

Animal Kingdom: Remastered Edition

After two years on release with Grand Mal Press, Animal Kingdom has now been re-released under the SG Horror banner and has been brought in line with my other novels.  The new remastered version has several changes to the plot and has been re-edited thoroughly.  As one of my first books it was not quite as polished as my more recent books, but after having reworked on the book, it should now be a much better read.

I was intending to announce a surprise project this week, but it is going to be delayed until next week, so keep checking back.  I currently have a new novel in the works but it is currently a guarded secret (for reasons that will eventually be revealed).  All I will say is that it is a very exciting project and may be a big surprise to most of my fans.

After my current novel is finished (hopefully for Christmas), I will then begin work on the sequel to Ravage, Savage.  This will wrap up all of my horror books so that I can start a new universe, beginning with the first Sarah Stone book.  Those are my concrete plans and should take me into next summer.

Below is the new cover for the remastered edition of Animal Kingdom.  Options to buy are also below.

Download it now:  UK    US


Richard Schiver said...

Was looking for something to read. Just grabbed a copy.

Iain Rob Wright said...

Thanks, Richard. Hope that you enjoy it.

Vix Kirkpatrick said...

wow looking forward to this!

Sp4rtacus said...

So your moving away from horror? The new Sarah Stone books should result in some interesting google searches, it's also the name of a porn star LOL.

Iain Rob Wright said...

Is it really a porn star...hmmm, its not too late for me to change the name.