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Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Update from a bummed out writer

Hi everyone.  Just a quick update to let everyone know that, from tomorrow, I will be having a two week vacation.  It is exactly one year this month since I became a fulltime writer and I have been typing words nonstop since then.  My mind needs a break, and my enthusiasm towards life has slowed to an idle (most people who talk to me regularly will have noticed me being increasingly absent already and this is a result of me being mentally exhausted).  Don't worry though, I absolutely love my job and count myself as extremely lucky, I will be back (and plan on staying around as long as you'll have me).

Once I am back I will have several pans in the fire.  Sea Sick is finished and will emerge at some point as my next novel, while I will be starting my next two books simultaneously (many other writers do this and it seems to improve their productivity - I'm hoping it will do the same for me.)  What are those two novels in question, you ask?  They are a currently untitled exorcism novel with a twist, and the sequel to...The Final Winter.  Hope that excites people (if not then I'm doing something wrong).  Harry and Lucas will be back in a bid to save the world again, this time in an epic quest that will take them across the length of England (visiting many pubs along the way).  Hopefully, both books will be out for Christmas.  I may get the next installment of The Peeling out too if time allows.

I will also be working alongside artist Stephen Bryant on the creation of an Animal Kingdom comic.  I am very excited about this and will be putting all my energies behind it to make it succeed.  With an artist like Stephen behind it, I cannot see how it can fail.  Check him out at SRB Productions and add him on Facebook.

Other than that, I will be trying to expand my reach by using sites like Kindlegraph (I haven't forgotten, Vix) and trying to be a bit more active on forums and blogs.  I will, as ever, endevour to also help my fellow authors and try to be an all around bloody nice guy ;-).

The last year has been the most amazing of my life and it's all down to the people that have brought my books, left comments and reviews, and given me support.  I also owe a great deal of thanks to those who have helped me professionally or shown me great friendship.  I won't name names as I would surely forget people, but you hopefully all now who you are by now.  I love you all.

On a personal note, my holiday has coincided with me asking my girlfriend, Sally, to marry me.  She said yes!  The wedding is in August 2013.  I truly am blessed.  Thank you world.

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petrifiedtank said...

Congratulations! Cool news - all of it!