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Monday, 16 January 2012

A to Z of Surviving a Horror Movie - Z

Zoo - The zoo is full of dangerous animals.  In a horror film what do you think is gonna happen.  Stay away from the zoo, people.

Zeus - If you see Zeus then don't ask him to recharde your ipod unless you want a lightning bolt up your ass.

Zeal - All religious people that attain the rank of zealot will cause you all kinds of shit in a horror movie.  Burn them on a cross, they will appreciate the irony.

Zack - The original Black Ranger is freakin awesome and may just save your sorry ass in a horror movie, but only if it's rated PG.  Anything more adult than that and he has to go to bed.

Zoologists - Scientist in a horror movie are very helpful at giving you information about the blood-thirsty monster you just unearthed.  Don't expect them to help you fight though; they're useless.

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