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Friday, 3 June 2011

New novel: Animal Kingdom. Thrillobytes Volume 2

The first 2000 word of my next novel, Animal Kingdom, have been put down and open the story pretty well in my opinion.  The story will be another apocalyptic tale, this time featuring a scenario where every animal on earth turns against mankind.  Guess where our protagonist finds himself amongst all this?  That's right, the frickin ZOO!  Expect killer tigers, rabid wolves, and silver back pyscho apes.  Coming soon!

I hope you enjoyed the freebie, Thrillobytes - volume 1.  I intend to pen various short stories throughout the year and will be again releasing them for free in the Thrillobyte series, with the intention to later release a complete Thrillobyte collection.

I released the Final Winter on the 24th of May and as expected things are beginning slowly.  If you're reading this please buy my novel, or at the very least follow my blog.  I will be updating constantly and giving away freebies as much as possible.  I am pouring my entire life into writing, but it's worthless without you all.

Have a great weekend everybody.

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