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Saturday, 28 May 2011

Thrillobytes - Volume 1

So I hit 200 downloads for The Final Winter today which is pretty good for 3 days!  It is free till the 1st of June so let's hope that it moves as well for a small fee.  Something that I will never charge for however is my new, ongoing series of bytesize horror stories:  Thrillobytes.

I just released the first installment and it is available for free here at Smashwords.  I hope that people will read it, enjoy it, and then move onto my novels, but its basic function is to entertain myself and hopefully you all as well.

Volume 1 includes 3 stories:

Nigel - Picking up a hitchiker?  What's the worst that could happen.

The Peeling of Samuel Lloyd Collins - When the terrorists attack, they don't use a nuclear bomb.  They unleash something far far worse!

Animal Kingdom - A small taster of my next novel...

Really hope that you all enjoy it.

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