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Friday, 27 May 2011

The Final Winter

Hi everyone:

I guess it wouldn't make much sense if my first post was not about my novel, The Final Winter.  I'm really hoping people get to read it as being a writer is the only dream I've ever really had, and it would be a hell of a lot sweeter if people enjoy what I've created!

The 70,000 word ebook  (print to follow soon) is available from both Amazon and Smashwords and is a modern-day horror novel set in a rundown British council estate ('The projects' if you're American).  It also includes a bonus of a disgusting short story called The Peeling of Samuel Lloyd Collins.

Below is the blurb for the novel:

On a night where it begins snowing in every country of the world, Harry Jobson is drinking himself unconscious, just like he has every night since the car crash that took his wife and child. Despite the worldwide panic, the snow does not concern Harry, he puts it down to media hype and paranoia, but when the lights go out and a stranger enters the pub, Harry realises that there are things happening tonight that are far worse than the weather. 

Really hope you get to read it and please don't hesitate to contact me once you do.

Buy the book here

Speak again soon,

Iain Rob Wright

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