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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Avenue Q

Still under the weather so haven't done much in the last few days.  Starting my new n ovel today, Animal Kingdom, but more about that later.  One of the things I would like to do with this blog is review some of the movies, shows, books, and other stuff that I come across.  So I will start with Avenue Q, which I watched last night.

I was pleasantly surprised with Avenue Q; happily enthralled after the first five minutes.  There are several wonderful songs such as 'It sucks to be me', 'The Internet is for porn', and 'Everyone's a little bit racist'.  These are all really catchy and humerous, but what I really liked about the show was the story.

I hadn't expected a puppet show to be so deep, but I found myself involved with each of the characters and saw the message that each one was supposed to portray.  I found messages of inequality, of the lonliness of adulthood, racism, friendship, poverty, ambition, philanthropy, and much more - including a monster with an addiction to porn.

While Avenue Q certainly isn't the best theatre production that I have ever seen, it is unique and well worth the price of the ticket.  Now I need to go (because the Internet is for porn, not blogging!)

Take care! 

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