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Tuesday, 27 January 2015

New marketplace for Draft2Digital

Draft2Digital have added a large German platform to their quest to compete with KDP as an alternative for self-publishers. This is in addition to their existing platforms of Apple, B&N (Nook), KOBO, Page Foundry, and Scribd

I have recently added Savage to D2D and will also be adding Sea Sick and Ravage next month. When all 3 titles are set up and available on all sites, I will start to record data and share it so that others can see my results. My hope is that the revenue I make via D2D is enough to cover the loss of these books being removed from KDP Select and Kindle Unlimited.  As much as I love Amazon, it would be a healthier marketplace all round if we sold our books in as many places as possible. I intend to test the waters with these three books, and will decide the fate of my others after I have enough data to see clearly the best decision.  

Below is the press release from D2D concerning their new partner, Tolino:

'Starting today, you’ll be able to make all of your books available through Tolino.
You may not have heard of Tolino but trust us: Once we tell you a little about them, you’ll be putting on party hats and throwing streamers along with us.
Tolino is a cooperative of five German tech and media companies who teamed up to create a response to Amazon’s Kindle in their home country. They offer their own proprietary ebook readers that tie into a shared infrastructure.
But don’t worry if you don’t sprechen sie deutsch. The German ebook market is the third-largest English language ebook market in the world. And recent reports suggest that Tolino has as much as 42% of it. In addition, Tolino has recently made moves into other European countries as well. Through partnerships with Belgian, Italian, and Dutch booksellers, Tolino now has a significant footprint in central Europe.
When you combine this set of new digital stores with our global territorial pricing, Draft2Digital is making it as easy for you to break into the European market as we’ve made it for you to manage your North American sales.
We’ll provide monthly sales reports from Tolino and pay the same royalties you’ve come to expect from our other digital stores. If you’re interested in adding your published books to Tolino, you can opt-in next time you visit Draft2Digital. With any new books, just opt into Tolino like any other store.
As always, feel free to contact Customer Support if you have any questions. Thank you for using Draft2Digital and, until next time, auf wiedersehen!'

You can check out D2D (which is a pleasure to use btw) here:

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