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Sunday, 21 December 2014

Merry Christmas and Sorry for all the bickering...

My wife, Sally, says I should post something nice. She says that, although I have a duty to state my opinion and my fears about current issues in the publishing world, the reason I found success in the first place was because I am a nice guy. Whether or not that is true, I have always maintained the philosophy that nobody likes a complainer. In the past I have followed the mantra of "If you can't post something positive, don't post anything at all."

So I apologise for the vitriolic, acrimonious statements I have been making as of late. I have been duty-bound to speak out against certain things I disagree with and to inform people of certain facts, but ultimately the only thing I have any control over is my work and my fans. I don't want to alienate the latter by being a moody goose all the time. So in the new year, I will concentrate on writing, come what may. The future scares me for many reasons, but perhaps I have had things too easy. If I have to work hard to maintain my career, then I suppose I am in the same boat as everyone else in the world. Being successful is hard and perhaps I am just now learning that.

Ignoring all the negatives, 2014 was one of the best years of my life. I had a son, Jack, who is a massive pain in the arse, but who I love dearly. Sally doesn't work for the time being, and is at home with me and Jack, which is wonderful. I love being a father and that is part of the reason I now fear so much for the future. I want to give Jack everything.

I have also made many new fans this year (which I won't name for fear of missing anyone), and if one thing makes me feel truly blessed it is them. The love and support I get daily from my fans is unbelievable and really helps motivate me to keep on going. If it all ends tomorrow, I will consider myself a success if only for the friends and fans who have enjoyed my work up until now.

I have also made many new colleagues, who again I will not mention, but it has been fun meeting and working with new authors, editors, and artists. I work with some really great people.

Next year I will be writing a sequel to Soft Target, a horror series called The Gates, and a low-fantasy series not yet named. I will also be releasing several shorter works, which the current sales-model on Amazon requires me to do. Rather than reduce the input of my longer work, however, I intend to work harder and longer to get these shorter works out in addition to my longer works. A is for Antichrist was just the first of a 26-part series and I will also write more novellas based around Redlake.

Anyway, I just want to end the year by giving you all a Merry Christmas and a huge I love you. I will see you all in the New Year. :-)

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