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Saturday, 15 November 2014

The Second Captive

My good friend Maggie James has released her latest novel at only 99p/99c. She's a great writer so grab a copy while you can.  Here is the description:

"Stockholm syndrome: the psychological tendency of a hostage to bond with his or her captor.

What happens when you love the man you should hate?

Beth Sutton is eighteen years old when Dominic Perdue abducts her. Held prisoner in a basement, she’s dependent upon him for food, clothes, her very existence. As the months pass, her hatred towards him changes to compassion. Beth never allows herself to forget, however, that her captor has killed another woman. She has evidence to prove it, not to mention Dominic’s own admission of murder.

Then Beth escapes…

And discovers Dominic Perdue is not a man who lets go easily. Meanwhile, despite being reunited with her family, she spirals into self-destructive behaviour. Release from her prison isn’t enough, it seems. Can Beth also break free from the clutches of Stockholm syndrome?

A study of emotional dependency, The Second Captive examines how love can assume strange guises."

You can buy the book here:  UK    US

You can visit Maggie's Official Website at:

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