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Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Signed Books Now Available...

After doing Cardiff Comic Con I am left with a limited supply of signed books.  I have set up a store front of Facebook (along with a new author's page).  If this becomes popular then I will continue to stock my paperbacks in order to sign and send them.

You can visit the new store front here:

I'm sure you've also noticed that THE PICTURE FRAME is also now available to buy (paperback coming soon).  You can grab a kindle copy here:  UK    US

Cardiff Comic Con was a lot of fun and it was great meeting fans and strangers alike.  I have already gained a few new readers and it was great spending time with Matt Shaw (who's a lot kinder and sensitive in real life than he is online) as well as meeting other authors such as Steve Lockley and Graeme Reynolds.  I may do more Cons in the future but will have to weigh up the financial costs and time away from my family.  All being well I would like to do more.

As always, it's been a great year and another 12 months where I have got to live my dream, make money, and be at home with my family.  That's down to you, the people buying my books, so once again, thank you from the bottom of my heart,

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