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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Sam and Sea Sick

For those of you aware that I haven't released a full length novel since January, the reason is that a deal for one of my books fell through which delayed it's initial release in June.  Next month, however, that book and another will both (hopefully) be released.

Both Sam and Sea Sick will be ready very soon and depending on the length taken by editors and cover artists, they will be out within the next few weeks.

Sea Sick is a zombie novel of sorts, although the main plot line is a Groundhog Day style tale set aboard a doomed cruise liner.

Sam is about a boy; a very sick little boy.  A very sick little boy with a secret...

Both novels are my typical length of about 70,000 words and should be quick and fun reads.  As always, they contain related themes and characters carried over from my other books.  The sequel to The Final Winter should eventually tie them all together with a neat little bow.

Other news: my next full length commitment will be the Animal Kingdom comic which I will be creating in conjunction with my official cover artist, Stephen Bryant of WWW.SRBPRODUCTIONS.NET.  I also have a scriptwriter that is writing a film treatment for The Final Winter and will hopefully manage to sell it someday.  Finally, for anyone that speaks German, there is an outside chance that I may have a translated edition in the works.  Oh, yeah, and I have signed a contract for 100 limited edition copies of The Final Winter to be made, so stay tuned for that.

When Sam and Sea Sick are released, I will be making them both free of charge (on Kindle) for the first 2 days.  Business sense would dictate that these days would be high earning days as my followers and fans would snap up my new works at whatever cost, but that is actually the reason I am making them free.  I know that it will be my supporters that get my new books first and I wouldn't feel right taking their money as they are the ones who have helped me get where I am (I have shifted more than 10,000 books this month which is incredible).  So, to all my fans, I love you and stay tuned for their release so that you can get your free copies.  My only self-serving request would be for you to please leave a review if you enjoy them.  You have no idea how much positive Amazon reviews lead to more sales.

I hope everyone is having a great Summer.  I'm currently sweating from places I didn't even know I had.


Vix said...

you going to make me wait 3 days for your new releases!! I am happy to support you!! you earn every penny

Iain Rob Wright said...

Don't be silly, Vix. Grab yourself a copy