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Thursday, 7 June 2012

A Look at The Final Winter

The Final Winter is still my strongest selling book as as a result it is currently getting a German translation and a limited edition leather-bound hardback edition.  I thought now would be a good time to discuss a few fun facts about it.

A picture of the Winyates pub in Redditch, on which The Trumpet is based, can be seen here.  It's a grotty, unfriendly little pub where I used to drink with my Dad growing up.  On the right you can see the steps where Jess slipped and fell down.

I included a lot of 'Easter eggs' in the book which it seems most people didn't get.  So here are a list of a few little tidbits of info about the book.  SPOILERS TO FOLLOW.

  • The pub is called 'The Trumpet' as a reference to the trumpets that will be played to signal Armageddon (check you Revelations)
  • LUCAS FERGUS is obviously an allusion to LUCIFER (Most people got that)
  • Harry ran a furniture business and was a carpenter like Jesus.  He also offered to absolve the world's sins by sacrificing himself.
  • Damien is named after the antichrist in The Omen (although this is just to create irony when he switches to a good guy later on)   
  • The snow storm is a new take on Noah's Ark and the biblical floods
  • There are a gazillion horror film references courtesy of Jerry
  • Ben turning to a pillar of salt after looking back behind him is a reference to Job's wife fleeing Sodom and Gomorrah
  • Harry's surname is Jobson (Job's son)
  • Lucas "coming from the South after originally being from the North" and "having a falling out with his Father" is a sly reference to him falling from Heaven
  • He also asks the others if they can "bear some light" (Lucifer, in the bible, is a light bearer made from fire.  Humans are made from clay.)
  • The Angel, Michael, also has a flaming sword, which was originally used to bring down fire upon Sodom and Gomorrah
There are many more that even I forget now, but if you ever read the book again, play close attention.  If you haven't already got a copy, you can get one here.


Kristin@BloodSweatandBooks said...

Now I need to read this again!!

Iain Rob Wright said...

Well stayed tuned for the limited edition hardback

Vix Kirkpatrick said...

whatever happened to the leather bound copies??