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Friday, 13 January 2012

A to Z of Surviving a Horror Movie - O

Oscar the Grouch -  Toxic Avenger's grumpy cousin.  Works as a Private Investigator currently trying to bring down a Pedaphile ring on Sesame Street.  He hopes to find incrimnating evidence in the resident's bins.  Despite being on the side of good, he has a taste for human flesh.

Ottomon Empire - Mid-history nation that struck fear into the hearts of their enemies with their highly weaponised footstools and other assorted furniture.  If you see an Ottoman man (?) then you should fight back with Georgian dinner chair.

Otters - If an otter attaches itself to your face during a horror film, just go with it!

Operation - In a horror film all operations will result in you awaken without any kidneys or as a soul detatched from your body, wandering around the hospital and trying to avoid Patrick Swayze.

Organ - Organ music means the Phantom of the Opera is about to descend upon you.  Either that or you are about to be deafened by German synth-pop.  If a stranger offers you his organ in a dark alleyway then never ever say yes.

Outnumbered - If you are outnumbered then don't expect Gandalf to come running down the hill on a horse to save you.  That would be how to survive a fantasy movie.  This is horror.  Don't worry if you are outnumbered in a Tarantino movie - you won't ever run out of bullets.

Oil - If a strange black oil slick moves across a lake towards you then you should probably be moving on.  You're either in a Stephen King movie r the Gulf of Mexico (too soon?) 

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