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Friday, 11 November 2011

A conversation with author, Eric S. Brown

Today, we are with a great friend of mine: the kickass novel-writer of fun-filled ‘creature features’ and apocalyptic fiction, Eric S. Brown. This guy is one of the most prolific horror writers around today and is currently on the third entry in his fantastic BIGFOOT WARS series.

Hey Eric, could you tell us what work you currently have available?

ESB: I have a bunch of stuff out there. However, I think BIGFOOT WAR and its sequels, along with LAST STAND IN A DEAD LAND, are likely some of my best books. There's also War of the Worlds Plus Blood Guts and Zombies from Simon and Schuster. At least, those are the ones I get the most fan mail from. One can find a list of most of work on my Amazon author page.

Tell us about BIGFOOT WAR.

ESB: Bigfoot War was a dream project of mine. I consider it the most original book I have ever done. It basically reboots the Bigfoot mythos into something more apocalyptic in nature. The first book in the series is about a small, southern town of 800 folks who try to survive as a literal army of sasquatch-like monsters emerge from the woods and try to wipe them out. The second book takes this one step further and tosses in a zombie virus onto top of the war going on between man and beast. The third in the series hits this Dec. 2011.

For someone unfamiliar with your work, how would you describe your writing?

ESB: I think one of my fans put it best when they described it like this- "An adrenaline junkies' dream come true! Get ready for a nitrous fueled attack of mayhem!" My work is usually very action-based, filled with gore, and, above all, FUN. I write the stuff that I, as a fan, would want to read but can't seem to find anywhere.

What else do you have in the pipeline?

ESB: I have a werewolf western entitled A Pack of Wolves due out soon from Grand Mal Press that I am rather proud of. If you've seen Young Guns, think of that movie with werewolves and that's kind of what the book is: Loads of horror western fun and gore. I also have a Bigfoot comic book coming from Knightwatch Press and a trans-dimensional/invasion/apocalyptic book entitled Into the Light slated for next year as well. I am currently working on a new zombie book for Severed Press and Bigfoot War IV.

What writers have had the most influence on your own writing?

ESB: David Drake is my hero of the writing world, hands down. However, Weird Al also inspires me a lot.

What was the last thing you read?

ESB: I am currently reading the Mistborn series. I normally HATE Fantasy stuff but my wife who loves that sort of stuff got me hooked on this series. I have to admit, it's decent.

Anything else you’d like to tell us about?

ESB: I'm a dad, a husband, a comic geek, and a lifelong horror fan. That's pretty much me and who I am right there.

You can buy LAST STAND IN A DEAD LAND here, or get the first entry of the BIGFOOT WAR series here.

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Donna Galanti said...

Great interview! Gore and mayem love it. And looking forward to that werewolf western - what a unique twist. John Wayne goes wolverine!