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Tuesday, 7 June 2011

TOP 10...Zombie Flicks

10.  Shaun of the Dead

I put this as number 10 because it starts out as a pretty traditional zombie movie, managing to create a pretty ominous atmosphere.  At about the half way point the film flips gears and becomes more of an out and out comedy, and the scares dissappear.  This disjointedness is my only complaint with the film and as such it just eeks itself in to my Top 10 Zombie Flicks.

9.  Flight of the Living Dead

Probably not everyone's favourite, but I found this film to be pretty solid.  The zombie scenes were action packed and the narrative was pretty tight.  That in addition to the pretty unique setting (for a zombie novel at least) and we have a flick worth a try.

8.  Return of the Living Dead

If you like your zombies camp and bloody, then this is the one for you.  Caused by a toxic chemical, these zombies are freakishly scary and the typical survivor's tale is told well and plays for both laughs and suspense.  It does both particularly well in my opinion.

7.  Night of the Living Dead:  The remake

I thought Tom Savini's remake was pretty tight.  It took the wonderful story of the original - people trapped in a farm house, surrounded by the dead - while adding modern actors and special effects.  Win win.  The ending is pretty cool too.

6.  Night of the Living Dead:  The original

Pretty much on par with the remake, but that image of the dude's head hitting the tombstone at the beginning is one that has always haunted me.  Gross.

5.  Bio Zombie

This flick from the far east plays it for laughs more than anything else, but the two protagonists are likeable and the change of geographic setting makes this a title that gives a slightly different experience to Hollywood.  Don't drink that Lucozade!

4.  Return of the Living Dead 3

Most people hate this film, but for some reason it always stuck with me more than most other zombie flicks.  I particularly like the idea of self mutilation to control the zombie urges of the female protagonist.  Plus there's some pretty unique zombies in this.  Giraffe-necked zombie anyone?

3.  Dawn of the Dead 2004

Best opening 15 minutes to a zombie movie ever?  I think so.  Zack Synder's movie had nothing to do with the original and lacked a lot of the character depth, but as an action-horror it suceeded very well.  The whole movie is a thrill to watch and the ending culminates with some badass busses and an ambiguous ending.  Great.

2.  Brain Dead/Dead Alive

Luuurve this film.  The beginning with the Sumerian Rat Monkey leaves a really bad taste in your mouth that always left me pretty scared.  Later the film takes itself a little less seriously, but doesn't suffer in the way that Shaun of the Dead does.  The splatter-comedy is extreme beyond believe and one can enjoy this film on that premise alone - especially once the lawn mower engines start, but the narrative is pretty good also.  Lionel's relationship with his shrew of a mother is a particular highlight.

1.  Dawn of the Dead - the original

Must have watched this film a million times as a kid.  The film is less about the zombie apocalypse and more about the cabin fever that affects the survivors.  Having access to a fully stocked shopping centre at first seems like an unbridled fantasy, but it quickly becomes a nightmare as isolation and boredom drives the inhabitants insane.  A commentary on the human condition if ever there was one.  The perfect zombie flick.

Let me know what you all think.  Did I miss something (Day of the Dead, 28 Days later for example).  Well let me know and I'll explain my decision.  Cheers everyone.

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